The Xerox Problem: Why your employees should be different from you.

There is a train of thought among some managers that their employees should think and do things the way that they, themselves do things. Essentially, they want to xerox themselves. This is wrong on so many levels.

Here are three reasons why hiring people who are nothing like you is good for business:

  1. Problem solving is easier
    If you hire a bunch of you’s and have to solve a problem, then you will only have yourself to rely on. Wouldn’t it be better to have an array of personalities? They will no doubt think of things you would never think of, and those good ideas are good for business.
  2. They bring balance
    If I hired myself, I would work with a team of introverts that are good at analytics and big picture items. Their would be little attention to fine detail, and probably no comradery. Granted, we would get shit done, but wouldn’t make time for laughter and fun. Better to have a couple of extroverts around, to keep me out of my head.
  3. They can teach you things
    We often forget that management is about supporting and growing people, and has very little to do with delegating work. If you hire good people and get out of their way, they will get the work done. But maybe if you pay attention to how other people do things, you will improve yourself!

Bonus Tip: Have your employees take a personality test like the Briggs Meyers to better understand their strengths and manage them accordingly.


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