Down to Zero: Finishing the Blog Challenge


Welp, it’s over folks. The 2017 April A to Z Challenge was certainly challenging. Here are my thoughts of the challenge in a nutshell:

What I liked:
This challenge made me write. I was obligated to my commitment to write and I did so everyday, with the exception of a few Sundays. I also appreciated that I became a faster more efficient writer. Even on the days that I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, I sat down and wrote until the page filled up.

What was challenging:
Quality might have suffered. I couldn’t spend the time to research great think pieces or write essays. I also might have missed an error in a post here and there. I also couldn’t get pieces edited, or walk away and revisit them the next day, like I normally do.

I gained more followers and my site stats went up. I also had other publications pick up some of my blogs and repost them, which was very unexpected and cool.

Would I do the challenge again?
Probably. The challenge made me a better writer and though I strayed from my theme from time to time I still saw the benefits of posting daily. I would do some things differently however, like planning better and writing more thoughtful pieces.

Thank you A to Z Challenge for the opportunity to participate!

This post is the final installment of my A to Z Blogging Challenge